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Stone wonders by seaside
(VTR) The coastline, which is thousands of kilometers long and runs through the S letter-shaped land strip, brings Việt Nam beautiful bays, beaches and natural wonders, particularly “stone wonders”.


Đá Đĩa is a famous waterfall ranked as a national landscape. From the distance, the one square-kilometer waterfall looks like a huge beehive. Stones are the same size and form pillars closed together, including many big yellow and lack rocks. Half sinks into and the other floats on the water and create a pentagon. Stone pillars have sections shaping hexagon, square or circle like piles of blows and cups at ceramics bases. Therefore, this place is called as Đá Đĩa cliffs.

Đá Đĩa cliffs in Phú Yên

Scientists said these are basalt rocks formed by volcano operations process millions of years ago. Mineral erupted and became frozen when meeting with cold water, then the whole frozen block got split. Most of stones here are split vertically, forming vertical or oblique pillars. However, a number of stone pillars are interrupted by slant lines, creating circles and polygons closed together. The waterfall is also home to a depression where sea and rain water stagnate into a pool for different kinds of fish. To date, the cliffs remains wild and the path leading to it is very rough, this, however, encourages visitors to explore this famous landscape.


Located on the foot of Lý Hòa mountain pass in Hải Trạch commune, Bố Trạch district, Quảng Bình province, Đá Nhảy Beach is a complex of stone mountains, stone pillars of different sizes with particularly interesting shapes such as buffalo and tortoise. The whole Đá Nhảy area is 4 - 5ha wide on a 400m site. The most impressive thing here is Ông Tượng Island which is 7-8m high. Whenever wave touches the bank, rocks look like lively animals dancing on the wave, creating different sounds. Therefore, the name of Đá Nhảy shows special feature of this landscape. At the beach, there is a natural and deep stone well in Cóc Cave. You have to go into the cave to take water. The water is very pure and clean. It is warm in winter and cool in summer and local fishermen often take it to worship Nam Hải Đại Vương.

Đá Nhảy is not only ranked as a national beauty spot but also an attractive tourism destination with a nice beach and caves. Visitors can enjoy the feeling of comfortable, sail boats, climb mountains and travel in forests. In addition to world natural heritage site Phong Nha - Kẻ Bàng,  Đá Nhảy is an appealing destination for holiday makers.

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Nguồn: Vietnam Tourism Review 9/2010
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