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Prepare yourselves for underground delights in Ho Chi Minh City

(VTR) - Underground market Sense Market is nested at the heart of District 1, just near the famous Western Quarter of Ho Chi Minh City. Hence, since its inauguration, the market has emerged to be a must-visit shopping district for visitors, particularly foreign ones.

Sense Market is a must-visit shopping district for foreigners

Sense Market makes good impression on visitors thanks to its vibrant and robust vibes. Asiana Food Town offers Asian foods such as Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Japan, Singapore or India… Each store is assigned to its own decorative style and mingled with lanterns all over the food court to create a truly Oriental culinary space equipped with full and advanced amenities.

Alongside Asiana Food Town, Sense Market also has Taka Plaza with over 400 booths of all sizes that put on sale all items imaginable to shoppers, including souvenirs, clothing, footwear, bags, etc. All items are clearly quoted at reasonable prices to meet the budget of various consumers.

Apart from the food court and shopping booths, Sense Market is also equipped with other facilities of a modern shopping mall for the locals and tourists alike, including convenience stores, telecommunication services and currency exchanges…

In weekends, Sense Market also entertains visitors with lots of fun and amazing events, such as music, dancing, acoustic guitar, supercool band performances or booths associated with startup activities for urban students. Both the locals and tourists can also join for free aerobic, tai-chi and resistance martial art classes in every morning at Sense Market.

As the first underground market of Ho Chi Minh City, Sense Market is also chosen to be a tourist focus in the downtown sprinkled with numerous iconic architectural and cultural landmarks, which enrich and define this former “Pearl of the Far East”.

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