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Quan Lan island community tour

(VTR) - Located within the area of Bai Tu Long bay, Quan Lan island is a charming destination chosen by many tourists.

Quan Lan is an ancient commercial port

Quan Lan island has nearly 10 beaches. Son Hao, Quan Lan, Minh Chau and Con Khoi are the most pristine and magnificent of them all, with smooth white sandbank stretching to the horizon, blue and clear ocean. Near the area of Son Hao beach is a round reef called The Heaven’s reef. The beaches on Quan Lan island are also attractive to tourists with teambuilding activities or gala dinner with playful atmosphere suitable for an exciting summer. Conquer the waves by rubber boat is another full of excitement activity besides of swimming.

Exploring Quan Lan

Tourists can take community tour “Be farmer for a day” to explore and experience a farmer daily life like: find seaworms, find spidercrabs, catch squids, catch octopuses, find snails, farming,… Gardening and harvest the veggies and fruits by their own hands.

Quan Lan island has nearly 10 beaches

In the August when the “sim” berries come out, tourists can walk along the white sandy road full of “sim” flower, pick wild berries or explore the mountain trail to “Tiger Heel” - a mountain peak has straight view to the ocean with majestic view. This is one of the cannot be missed destination if you want to immerse yourself into the beauty of heaven and ocean.

The beaches on Quan Lan island are attractive to tourists with teambuilding activities

On the island, tourist has a chance to explore an ancient commercial port that is established from 1149. Quan Lan temple was built since 18th century, worships Ly Anh Tong king, Gods and the heroes who have protected the islands. People on the island always are proud of Quan Lan temple because this is one of two oldest temples in Quang Ninh province.

Smooth white sandbank

From central of Ha Long City (Hon Gai Pier) or from Cai Rong town, Van Don district (Van Don harbor), it only takes an hour to get to the wild and gorgeous Quan Lan island by high speed boat. The red tuk tuk lined up along the dock, also the main transportation on the island.

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