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Dong Trieu pottery

(VTR) - Located 60km away Ha Long city, Dong Trieu is famous for pottery villages; it is one of favorite travel destination for both domestic and international tourists. Quang Ninh has four major ceramic villages concentrated mainly in Dong Trieu and Quang Yen. In particular, Dong Trieu ceramic village has nearly 200 years of history of making ceramic products.

Making ceramic products

Different from Bat Trang, Tho Ha, Phu Lang, Dong Trieu has its own style of making the ceramic products. Dong Trieu ceramic village has produced many high-quality products with variety of shapes and sizes. Visitors will have opportunity to deeply learn about the art of making ceramic products and see the process of making a product when visiting the ceramic workshops.

Potters here are warm and welcoming. They give tourists specific instructions to knead clay then decorate it. This activity attracts tourists the most. They can also bring their products home to display or offer friends.

After being dried up and grinded, clay dust is mixed with water and then poured into different patterns with various sizes and shapes. Talented creative potters desiccate shaped clay body, then color and decorate it. Finally, these products are baked in more than 1.0000C oven to get mechanical and chemical durability.

The ceramic workshops

Taking part in pottery making process by yourself is definitely an interesting experience when coming to Dong Trieu pottery village. In additional, tourists can buy colorful ceramic souvenirs as gifts.

Experiencing to make ceramic products

Some addresses for tourists to visit and experience pottery activities: Long Hai ceramic, Thai Son ceramic (Yen Tho village); Viet ceramic in Mao Khe; Dong Trieu ceramic (Kim Son) and Thanh Dong ceramic in Binh Duong.
Dong Trieu commune has 14 destinations: An Sinh temple; Thai temple, Quynh Lam pagoda, Ngoa Van pagoda, Ho Thien pagoda, Dong Trieu historical relic center; Mao Khe historic relic center, Yen Duc village, Khe Che lake, Ha Lan park, OCOP Quang Ninh center, Thanh Dong Joint Stock Company, Thai Son 88 Joint Stock Company, Quang Vinh Limited Company.

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